Tähemäe OÜ

Tähemäe OÜ was founded in 2006 with 100% Estonian capital. The company mainly carries out roofing works in Estonia and Finland.

All employees of our company underwent occupational safety and health training (SPEK) in the Republic of Finland. The fire-fighting industries have completed the safety training and approval of their work (SKEP).


The main activity of TÄHEMÄE OÜ is:

1. Roofing (flat roofs and pitched roofs). We build, renovate and maintain;

2. Waterproofing works (SBS);

3. We are the only company to bring EUROGUM roofing material to Estonia.

Mission to provide custom roof solutions to your customers so that your roofs last for decades.

Our vision is to be a professional company that, based on our long-term experience, offers our customers high quality and waterproof roofs.

Values: we are customer oriented, professionalism, quality, friendly team, reliability.