Pitched roof

For pitched roofs we mainly install so-called honeycomb roofs, where we use bitumen shingles as cover material. Bitumen shingles are suitable for all roofs with a slope of at least 11 degrees. The roofing material mentioned above is self-adhesive and does not require any special tools. The rubber bitumen layer on the underside of the bitumen shingles binds the material together for a tight and even coating. The roofing material is fastened to the base with cardboard nails so that the nail heads remain under the upper shingles. There are different types of shingles and many different color combinations that should suit even the most demanding customer.


Roofing products:

Roofing experience includes:

– Roof renovation (installation of a new roof covering);

– Overhaul of slatted roofs (complete demolition of the roof, construction of new parapets, installation of vapor barrier, insulation materials and roof covering);

– Roof construction of new buildings (timber, concrete, load-bearing profile).