Tähemäe roofs

We have long experience in installing high quality roofs

Pitched roof

Pitched roof

Roofs with a slope with at least 11 degrees.

Flat roof

Flat roof

Flat roofs are roofs with a slope of 5% or less.


From small saunas 45m2 to large warehouse buildings 9200m2.


Roof construction

Roof construction of new buildings (timber, concrete, load-bearing profile).


Roof renovation

Maintenance and repair of a worn roof.


Bitumen coating installation

Roof covering with bitumen roll material or shingles.


Hydro isolation work

Roof waterproofing.

Roof Installation

Tähemäe OÜ carries out roofing with bitumen roofing materials. SBS bitumen roofing materials contain elastomeric modifiers that provide excellent elasticity of SBS materials at low temperatures. To protect the SBS roofs from UV radiation, a slate screed material is used as the top layer.
In our work we mainly use EUROGUM and UNIFLEKS roofing materials.
Flat roofs are covered with roll materials. For sliced ​​roofs we use bitumen shingles.

EUROGUM– is a high quality roofing material manufactured at the Bauder factory in Germany for Suomene Katekeskuse OY. The material is made for the Finnish market, taking into account the peculiarities of the Nordic climate. EUROGUM materials are VTT certified in Finland.

UNIFLEKS – is a roofing material produced in Russia. We mainly use UNIFLEKS EPP, UNIFLEKS ECB as base and top coat. The top layer material contains reinforced reinforcing fabric and the surface is covered with slate. The backing layer is covered with sandblast or PE film. Roof lifetime 15-25 years.